White Elephant – who will be adressed?

I think of all those who are currently being made redundant by their company. Once, so they know they are not alone, because often it feels like that. And, of course, everyone knows that (s)he is not alone, but the curiosities, which must be defied in the course of time, already are peculiar enough in the majority of all cases. You may feel left alone.

 Desperate Workplace situation?

Also to those who believe they have to be desperate about their workplace situation: Be brave! First of all, nothing happens from day to day. Second – what a common place – things are never as bad as they seem. And thirdly, where one door is shut, almost always another opens up. At this point, it becomes a little delicate. Finally, at the moment of a notice of termination, not immediately a door opens. And sometimes even strange doors open, which are then rather something like a stupid cat flap, compared to the door through which one preceded. There you go – grounded – and think about what you should learn from this situation, and do not see it, especially not at the moment. Yeah, well, later, many things light up: Aahhh, that’s what it was good for! Sometimes you do not understand it even after years. But that’s a different story altogether.

 Why anonymous?

For the time being this blog will remain anonymous for understandable reasons. So I will not announce my name. Also not where I am hired. But do not hesitate to contribute. A dialogue is always fun. Be nice to me, as I’ll be nice to you. Anyone who undertakes the trouble of reading these lines will also usually not be a misanthropist, and consequently write, if so, acceptable comments. You do not have to be of my opinion, but if you disagree, have mercy on me. If you know a job that would suit me, let me know.


Also to those who sit in an HR department. Yes, it used to be the personnel department. Today it is called „Human Resources“. This is  some euphemism when I think of my situation. But the people there should know what is going on inside the people in situations like mine. Some are by nature quite nice and compassionate. But whose job it is to release colleagues, to make them resign, to round off or to dismantle others, presumably needs a good stomach. Yes, no conscience or feelings will certainly be helpful. Sure, not all are like that. But I will also tell of a grandiose calibre of inhumanity in another company whom I happened to get to know being in a mangerial position. He for sure drove former employees into illness and suicide. Without any compassion, of course. Experts of the scene might get an idea who this might be, but even if someone had a vague idea, I would have to refer to: nice story. Perhaps I will have to redecorate the one or the other story using literary means, because otherwise the story might sound a little boring. You may forgive me because it counts for readability, and, when giving it a second thought, clearly the whole thing must be legally tight. Under the title „stories that life or everyday life or who and whatever writes“. Mind you: everything has (or may have) happened in real life.

 Is all this real?

The P.T. readers may wonder about one or the other story. Where you think to discover a fib: do not hesitate to reveal the truth! But in the course of the dialogue you might wonder what the naked truth realy looks like. Finally, the comments are also there: exchange, do not hesitate to communicate. Makes things more colorful. I will also interweave some of the stories that have befallen others. Still, it’s MY BLOG.

And what about the managers?

Finally, for those managers who decide about the fate and curriculum vitae of their employees. They should read what is going on inside the heads and/or hearts of „their“ people. You still sleep well at night, don’t think of the people fired? Finally, the people who are being made redundant are having a bad time.

 The investors?

What is wrong with investors on this site? After all, investors are usually looking for profit rather than morality or pondering about the turmoil of life. Or on the effects of a system. Perhaps we’re already at the core of the problem: it is always about the profit, the MORE, the growth. In a completely erroneous system, which leads itself to absurdity. One that saws off the branch on which it sits. I am not an absolute critique of capitalism, but this system has come out of shape. And no, I am not a communist neither and no socialist or whatever. But for sure no Neo-liberal. I am a humanist and I strive to remain one. In search for profit and return and still more return and still more profit usually so-called FTEs (Full Time Equivalents = „human beings“) are being made redundant. Until either everybody is left except for a greenhorn who does not know how the store is running. Or – as I have already experienced – where seniors are fired, who know the country and the people and can easily trade in their network. They are a bit more expensive than a greenhorn, but they know all the business partners and bring business with ease. And then some companies get into trouble and are sold at last. Seen it all. I will also tell the stories, no worry. Lessons from the change management’s hell’s kitchen, or how not to do it. Or perhaps, if someone is meant to sink a company, there would also instructions be found here.

 Life isn’t only a bitch, but is fun!

Perhaps also to those who have sense of humor and suspense and curiosities. Those who are not averse to a shaken degree of irrationality and who want to integrate this into their daily lives, whether as an experience of others, or as confirmation that they are not alone. Do not hesitate to share your experiences. The more we become aware of the sense and nonsense of the behavior of some managers, the more people become aware that they are victims of testosterone-driven machos …