White Elephant being repainted

Or RESTART? My life never has been boring. Always full of changes, sudden, some unexpected, some with real surprises and some with changes that I have seen long before coming my way.  After having spent a couple of months in the office without further ado, I kept wondering how long this phase would last.
And boy, did it last long! But then, when comparing it to former times of re-orientation, – consideration and whatever else seemed appropriate, the change this time came from an unexpected corner.  I was asked if I wanted to join the change management team, Surprise, surprise! But as synchronicity is something that I keep experiencing I wasn’t overly surprised. Much to my regret the phase of just hanging around went out of sight pretty fast. I would have written a new book or some if this state had been going on for another while.
But now times are changing. Literally.  But I will keep on posting, less enthusiastically though, but still. And probably carry on writing that sort of stories that Kafka became famous for, but just from the manager’s (in this case past) perspective.  The new team is young and dedicated. We are sought after. What a thrill again to feel that people are asking for your support and consideration! And my diversity training from Summer University in Portland, Oregon, is at last paying off. Just as well as my intercultural studies. Somehow all the pieces of my life’s puzzle fall together and form a picture that is rich and encouraging and makes me smile.  Good one. Restart, then.



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