Elegance and elephants don’t have a lot in common, apart from the first three letters. And maybe apart from the fact that a few might like the way elephants move around and think of it as elegant, which reflects another form of perception, the apparent clumsiness holds more scenes for a good laugh than anything else. So there has to be more about the white elephant, reflecting on this special animal. It is meant to be the symbol behind and highlight the elegance of diplomacy. You want to get someone into real trouble, go and get an expensive present like the proverbial white elephant. The person can’t afford it in the course of time and either go ballistic over your hidden agenda behind your generosity or simply go bankrupt. Even the old Romans knew about this and created the proverb: “quidquid id est, timeo danaos, et dona ferentes”. There is something else to elegance, which is highly personal. I loathe clumsiness in every fibre of my body and brain. Brute force maybe necessary from time to time but is no justification for lack of elegance. If there is a way to perform whatever in an elegant way, I always prefer. I hate myself when I’m clumsy, and feel embarrassed when being watched in some of those moments. It destroys my feeling for dignity. So elegance is the surface for dignity, diplomacy the coating for hidden agendas. Another one from the Romans: “quidquid id est, prudenter agas, et respice finem”.

Whatever it is, do it carefully and consider the results, this should mean. So whenever you give generously, consider that the presentee might believe giving back the equivalent, regardless if he could afford it or not.

Some of the things going on in today’s world aren’t elegant at all. Thinking of politics, e.g., like would you believe that the current POTUS has anything in him that resembles the tiniest form of elegance? Maybe it’s fake elegance, yes, but if I was him I probably would kill myself in an instant for being so embarrassingly weird and pathetic. All the gold in whatever rooms he’s staying in cannot hide his fake brain or fake agenda. The guy has got none, except himself. It isn’t even about Amerika. It’s about him, nothing else. How embarrassing, such a huge lack of elegance.

Or is it elegant to sell weapons, let alone say WMD? I’d say no, since this increases the certainty of warfare, death in its course and poverty as well as refugees. Whenever the European politicians claim they would like to fight migration at the very bottom and beginning, this would be elegant. Whenever they forget about what they say and the ensuing migration covers Europe with millions of refugees: there is a hell of a lack of elegance. Embarrassing.

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