Frustrations to become a daily biz?

Is this my week? Applied to an interesting job outside on Monday. Today I had lunch with the manager in charge for two positions where I would fit perfectly in. Both interesting vacancies to open up soon, since both guys that I’d inherit will retire. The one due to a special rule, the other since he has reached the official retirement age. Nevertheless for those positions are already candidates in the pipeline, very much to my regret. Still I don’t know, why the manager didn’t even consider me. Probably again, as usual: too old.

The outside job would be interesting, with lots of fringe benefits. Plus home-office, which would also be marvelous somehow. Getting rid of this bloody tiring open office space would be an charming aspect. Nevertheless, I’d have to deal with a lot of things on top when leaving this place here. There should be some sort of golden hand-shake in for me. In one of my former entries I have posted on the age-discriminatory aspect. This keeps me up and running, I’m still so upset and angry that I don’t know how to get over with it. The one who upset me those days is due to retire pretty soon. So maybe there’s another aspect coming into sight. Me becoming his successor. Most unlikely though, since I already have a strong feeling that this company isn’t about keeping elderly FTEs in the job. They’re just as ignorant as all the others, though in the majority of publications scientists keep writing about the importance and effect of experienced people in the business, namely in all branches.

What can I say? I know of a lot of deficiencies regarding the manager mentioned above and his team. They’re actually more or less obliged to support all subsidiaries, nevertheless all our subs need to do the tasks themselves, without any further support. So there is the business case at hand: Shut down the operation in this “off-shore location”, resettle the operation at our Headquarters and save the money that was spent through all the years. Proposed this recently to the responsible manager. Know the answer already? Although he begged for initiatives to save money in all parts of the operations, when I came up with savings in excess of 3,5 MEUR he wasn’t interested anymore since our net profits are currently unexpectedly high. So: no need anymore. I replied that this will be a phase and not a regular thing, so we better be prepared. Then he came back with: it’s all so complicated. Really? I wouldn’t have thought so. Another colleague recently just mentioned: no rocket science, what they’re doing there. What’s complicated about it? Quote the head of our internal audit team.

Last night I met a former colleague of mine. We were in a company together, long ago. The company has been sold to a fin giant from the USA. The USA just don’t know nothing about European biz, they’re useless when it comes to intercultural competences. Okay, a combination of capitalism and mediocre cultural awareness is not a recipe for success when it comes to international / intercultural mergers. So, one day, after having ruined the operation completely, they sold out the rest which was still somewhat profitable and went away. Hundreds of jobs lost. Families torn. Friendships shattered. Weirdos…

This former colleague (and somewhat also friend) had interesting news for me. By accident it happens that he runs a company offering all sorts of services. Also to the a.m. “off-shore”-facility. He told me that I was responsible for him losing an account with 330 TEUR income per year. How come, I asked. And he told me that secretly they were actually working on a plan to migrate this off-shore facility back to our headquarters. I was baffled. Is this proof that they want to get rid of me?

What do you think?


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